My Mother Thank You

My Mother Thank You
For Your Supernatural Skills In Finding The Things I Have Lost
For The Nights You Stayed Up Putting Me To Place
For Washing My Clothes And Washing The Dishes
For Being The Superstar Mom Who Brought Food For Me And My Friends During All My Games
For Sitting At My Dance Recitals Game Tournaments And School Plays
For Helping Me With My Homework
For Giving Me Advice And Listening To Me
For Being Protective For Always Encouraging Me For Inspiring Me
For Teaching Me How To Forgive How To Respect And How To Cook
For Teaching Me How To Give And Share
My Mother Thank You
My Mom Is More Than A Fearless Women
She's More Than A SuperHero
She's More Than A Best Friend
She's My Life

Maa Baap Ka Sath Kabhi Na Choro
Kyunke Aaj Agar Wo Na Hote To Tumhare Bhi Wajood Na Hota

I Belive In Love At First Sight Because
I Have Been Loving My Mother Since I Open My Eyes
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