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Sunday, 6 March 2016

webmaster tool error and get heavy traffic five thing to fix

webmaster error and get heavy traffic five thing to fix

1. This section usually returns pages that have shown errors such as 403 pages
not the biggest problems in Webmaster Tools
For more documentation with a list of all the HTTP status codes
check out Google own help pages

2. Errors in sitemaps are often caused by old sitemaps that have since 404 or pages listed in the current
sitemap that return a 404 error. Make sure that all the links in your sitemap are quality working links that you want Google to crawl

3. Most of these errors are often caused by redirect errors
Make sure you minimize redirect chains the redirect timer is set for a short period
and dont use meta refreshes in the head of your pages

4.  Not found errors are by and large 404 errors on your site
404 errors can occur a few ways
You delete a page on your site and do not 301 redirect it

5. These errors are more informational
since it shows that some of your URLs are being blocked by your robots.txt file
so the first step is to check out your robots.txt file
and ensure that you really do want to block those URLs being listed

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